Junior Software Engineer

| omnis.cloud DevOps+cloud

Our challenges

We approach software development as the continuous development of better abstractions, always balancing engineering with creativity, designing frameworks that combine models and source-code. 

And omnis.cloud platform represents our vision on how to work better; from code-generation, to grammars and meta-models, to programming design-patterns and API-based services, we put everything in the mix. It boosts our productivity and allows us to achieve bigger successes in our projects, continuously challenging ourselves to improve.

 Your contributions

As part of the omnis.cloud R&D team, you will help evolve the architecture of the platform from design/planning to implementation.

Being omnis.cloud the platform where our solutions are based on, there are some grounded processes already in practice: git-based source-control, release management, DevOps (from continuous integration to release automation and monitoring) and kanban-based backlogs (mixed with sprints).

And being all this a collective effort, we want your contributions for our shared goals.

What we expect

We favour any junior or academic years of experience, as we search for people with:

  • Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Software Engineering or any similar field
  • knowledge around abstraction(s), loose coupling + high cohesion, algorithms vs. data structures, object-oriented design, design strategies and patterns
  • experience in Java or other JVM-based languages (develop + troubleshoot + debug)
  • ability to work independently and as part of a team, having good communication skills
  • mindset of continuous improvement towards the automation of processes/tasks with technology
  • mindset to design different approaches and evaluate potential solutions to technological problems, breaking them into milestones and deliverable goals
  • (nice to have) experience with Domain-Driven Design and Software Transactional Memory paradigms
  • (nice to have) experience in shell scripting or script-oriented languages

And in return …

There is a set of core values we try to operate ourselves by: excellence, discipline, efficiency, integrity, collaboration. But besides that, all the other things we consider most important:

  • being part of a company that grows and innovates by itself, allowing us to grow as individuals also
  • competitive salary and opportunities to evolve within our different areas/units
  • freedom to pursue personal interests if compatible with company goals (value creation mandatory!)
  • health insurance + extra vacation/resting days
  • budget for attending conferences and events (that relate to our work fields and goals)
  •  flexible hours/schedules/vacations and the possibility to work remotely
  • (when possible) performance bonuses, in a mix of team+individual performance vs. qubIT results

We want you to bring your enthusiasm around technology, work ethic and eagerness to learn and teach; let’s improve together!

PS: the data you’ve decided to provide us in applying to this job position can be deleted anytime by request to data.protection@qub-it.com